A medical examination is required before issuing a KNAF license. This inspection must be done annually for drivers and navigators. National and international.

As of January 1, 2023, the ECG structure for an international license will change.

  • Drivers aged 50 and over must have a visit to a cardiologist every 3 years and upload the results (including any additional examinations performed) in My KNAF together with the regular medical examination forms.

For the consultation with the cardiologist, we would like to refer you to CardioExpert in Bunnik: www.cardioexpert.nl. Here you can have an ECG at rest or an exercise ECG. However, you cannot go here for part B of the medical examination.

  • During the inspection for an international license, riders under the age of 60 must do an ECG at rest every 3 years.
  • At age 60 or older, a resting ECG is required every year and an exercise ECG is required every 2 years.

Prices 2024 (including VAT)

€ 100,- Motorsport medical KNAF

Additional expenses with renewal (including VAT) 

€ 55,- ECG  

You must bring the following:

  • ID
  • medical form (You can find this at my KNAF)
  • medicines
  • glasses or contact lenses