What do you need to bring along to your medical?

  • Medical (not required for initial
  • Flight License (not required for initial)
  • Glass prescription and glasses / contact lenses (if applicable) *
  • Medication (if applicable)
  • Valid passport or ID (a driving license is not a valid ID)
  • Correspondence specialists / general practitioner

*If you are using contact lenses on the day of the medical, please take contact lenses fluid and a spare pair of glasses.

Payments are made afterwards. Please transfer the money after receiving your medical statement or decision.

Prices (including VAT)

€ 135,- Cabin Crew initial

€ 110,-   Cabin Crew

Additional expenses with renewal (including VAT) 

€ 35,- ECG  

€ 35,- Audiogram

€ 35,- Lipids

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